blackberry melon something or other

​Or daydrinking for beginners.

We went for groceries today because we are high-functioning adults and our fridge only had brussel sprouts of all things. And because it is the height of summer, lots of fruit was cheap and in season. So I couldn’t resist the call of plump, juicy blackberries or the delicious sweet scent of perfectly ripe melon. I mean, how much more summer can you get? But of course, once we were home and had to breakdown the melon for storing, I thought, “WHO NEEDS THIS MUCH MELON THIS IS SO MUCH MELON.”

The solution was clear and alcohol based.


​I figured that this would also be a perfect time to try out some of my rusty nonexistent food photography skills. Cue me puttering around in the kitchen with trays and arranging things in an attempt to capture a good, semi-styled picture. All while the hubs looks on bemusedly. Slash works on his own jam. We all have our own stuff going on. And it’s better that he didn’t witness me trying to tame some mint and basil leaves into a semblance of order. Or moving a carefully arranged tray from one lighting situation to another. And then giving up because fuck it. Like, this shit is already getting out of hand.

But hey, the blackberries were plump and juicy, and the melon was sweet and delicious (mostly, some parts were kind of neutral tasting but still pleasant nonetheless – I’m just trying to be honest with you, dear reader). Throw in a decent handful of pineapple mint (got it out of novelty – not a very strong mint taste, so I used a fair bit) and a handful of lime basil. Immersion blend until decently puree-textured. Simple syrup to taste. Although, I imagine you could easily use honey, which would be very tasty, or just sugar, which would also be very tasty and much less fussy.

I made mine with Letherbee gin, which, thanks to the recommendation of some very good friends, is now my favorite gin. Served over one giant ice cube with a squeeze of lime.


​Now, yes, this would have been better with a less strong-tasting spirit like vodka, or even a more mellow, sweet liquor like bourbon. Yes, if I had been marginally less lazy, it would it have been better to strain the puree since leaves don’t like to immersion blend. And sure, the limes that I used are kind of old looking (but what do you want from me? To serve a drink WITHOUT garnish? What am I, some kind of barbarian?). But we work with what we have.

And what I have is a not-too shabby, refreshing blackberry melon concoction and the beginnings of a midafternoon buzz.

Update: the puree makes amazing popsicles! Leftovers from cocktail hour were poured into a popsicle mold, semi-blended leaves and all. After freezing, the basil taste is sharpened and the melon flavor is more prominent in a very pleasant, floral way. Best decision of the day.