I spent the bulk of my morning today rebuilding my website. I was hosted at Weebly, but decided to make the move back to my tried-and-true WordPress.

(If you’re coming from Salt & Subtext, the stuff below the cut is the same as what’s posted over there.)

I initially went with Weebly because it’s a really easy to use WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) website builder. The site is clear and easy to navigate. The dragging and dropping is trivially simple. And you can get a really nice looking website in pretty short order.


Once I realized that my website was largely going to serve as a corner for my internet ramblings, the functionality of Weebly started falling apart a bit for me. I find their blog editor (which is also a drag and drop interface) to be very clunky and annoying to use. It takes me longer than it should to put up and format a post. And the editor doesn’t do markdown so much, or at least not in a way that I found obvious. There are a suite of plugins and add-ons you can put on your site to make some of this easier, but some require payment for providing what should be built-in services for a blog editor.

Which is to say, you should figure out what you’re going to do with a site before totally settling on where to host it. And also maybe do some research into how robust and easy-to-use the tools you’ll utilize most are. I didn’t so much do that. I looked for a pretty layout, and I will say that Weebly definitely delivered on that count. So if you are planning to mainly put together a personal website or a storefront or something like that, Weebly is a solid choice.

The fault here really lies with me.

I will tell you that moving things over has been a lot less painful than it could have been had I stayed there longer.

For those of you coming from Salt & Subtext, welcome (back)! Follow me, update your RSS, etc. Sorry for the inconvenience, my newlyfriends.