travelogue: brussels

Part one (Amsterdam) here.
Part two (France) here.

After parting ways with my family, A and I took a train from Bordeaux to Paris and then Paris to Brussels. Honestly, at this point we were pretty wiped out from traveling. Also, while in France, the sun riled up my eczema and I had contact dermatitis to some sunscreen and then got a heat rash. So we resolved to take it pretty easy in Brussels. We saw a few museums (we’re both suckers for a good natural history museum), sat in cafes, and ate tons of chocolate. There isn’t a lot to recap here, so I’m leaving you with a bunch of pictures.

Since we were in Belgium it seemed like the perfect time to do some comparison chocolate eating. Our favorite was Elisabeth Chocolatier. It’s maybe mid-tier, so somewhat affordable. The chocolate is exceptional. The flavors are varied and interesting. Plus, it features chocolate and confections from local artisans.

And that was our summer trip to Europe!