podcast: ologies

I’ve gotten really into the podcast Ologies by Alie Ward. In each episode, she interviews a different -ologist, and you get to hear about interesting fields of study. My favorite episodes so far have been Egyptology, teuthology (squids), lepidopterology (butterflies), and selachimorphology (sharks).

In each episode, she asks her guest what their least favorite part of their job is. An inordinate number of people respond “email.” Including people who have been held up at gunpoint. Or have had to deal with hideous rotting material. I think this confluence of opinion is hilarious. If only we knew what it might be indicative of…


ffic: day 11

Prompt: A murderer sees love inside a glass cemetery.

Inktober: cruel


  • Write a piece of flash fiction daily for the month of October — 31 first drafts for 31 days.
  • Each flash fiction piece should be <1000 words long and must contain an arc/plot/conflict (vignettes and slice-of-life stories don’t count).
  • Feel free to use the list of prompts collected.
    • Try to go two to three layers down from where your brain first goes with the prompt.
  • Share the piece: to your blog, to a kind friend, to an internet rando (feel free to send it to me!). Maybe tag it with #flashfictioninktober. (Or not. I don’t know how clever hashtags work. How do internet?)