random joy

No matter what anybody tells you about writing, you can do whatever the fuck you want.

– Neil Gaiman, “Random Joy,” Light the Dark: Writers on Crativity, Inspiration, and the Artistic Process edited by Joe Fassler

ffic: day 29

Prompt: We long for somewhere new.

Inktober: double


  • Write a piece of flash fiction daily for the month of October — 31 first drafts for 31 days.
  • Each flash fiction piece should be <1000 words long and must contain an arc/plot/conflict (vignettes and slice-of-life stories don’t count).
  • Feel free to use the list of prompts collected.
    • Try to go two to three layers down from where your brain first goes with the prompt.
  • Share the piece: to your blog, to a kind friend, to an internet rando (feel free to send it to me!). Maybe tag it with #flashfictioninktober. (Or not. I don’t know how clever hashtags work. How do internet?)