2018 year in books

I read a lot of books this year.

I set an initial goal of 50 and woefully underestimated how much I was going to read. Especially since one-third to one-half of my work day is reading now.

reading challenge

Here’s a review breakdown on the books from this year (pulled from Goodreads).

2018 book stats

This was honestly kind of all over the place because I couldn’t quite figure out what I wanted a rating to mean. What makes something three-star vs four-star? Solely story and plotting and characters? Does prose factor in? I just made it all overly complicated for myself. This year, I’m going back to the scale that Goodreads uses basically: 1 = didn’t like it, 2 = it was okay, 3 = liked it, 4 = really liked it, and 5 = loved it.

And for fun, the first 12 and last 15 (because of how the page ended up being formatted) books I read in 2018.

2018 first 12

first 12, read bottom to top and right to left (for some reason)

2018 last 15

last 15, read bottom to top and right to left (because formatting)

Because, as you already know, I have an AirTable and also a spreadsheet for tracking reading data, here are some of my stats from 2018:

  • Total read: 123
  • Author gender (M/F/NB): 15/49/1 = 65 different authors (roughly a 24%/75%/1% breakdown)
  • Authors of color: 19
  • Nonfiction/fiction: 18/105
  • Owned/Bought/Borrowed: 76/13/32 (2 read online for free)
  • Re-reads: 9

I still ended up buying more books than I should have, but it was a vast improvement to my behavior in previous years. But now I have ALL THE LIBRARY CARDS, so this year should be even better.

I had more re-reads than usual because I went back to read all of T. Kingfisher’s stuff since her tone very much inspires the project I’m currently working on.

Also, I ended up reading mostly on my Kindle this year. I still love all my analog books, but I have to admit that the built-in backlight of the Kindle (note to self: consider upgrading Paperwhite at some point) makes reading under the covers so convenient. Plus, I always just have another book ready and waiting. Mostly, this just means I’m a bit more choosy about which analog books I’ll buy or borrow.

Next year, I want to read more authors of color and nonbinary authors. I also want to push my genre boundaries a bit. I’ll read just about any genre, but my go-to one tends to be fantasy. But since my writing dabbles all over the place, I’m planning to make a deliberate effort to read more horror and sci-fi. And more non-fiction, I think.

My book goal for next year is 100.