ow, my legs

This year, I’m trying to work on prioritizing my health and fitness. I have a tendency to let exercise be the first thing to go when I get a little stressed, or when my routine/framework/structure gets stressed (i.e. travel). Prior to the Europe trip last year, I was pretty good about consistently exercising, but as soon as we went on a trip, everything fell apart and I could never quite get back on the bandwagon.

My cardiovascular fitness is terrible. Just, pretty terrible.

I’m planning to jump back into a full routine starting next week. As part of that, Adam and I are going to do a couple of workouts together (for accountability reasons and because otherwise I will be highly unlikely to drag my ass to a group exercise class), and we decided to try Orangetheory because Sam absolutely loves it and recommended it to us.

We went to our first class on Sunday, and my legs are still dying from it. So that’s… good? The HIIT involved treadmill stuff, and I hate treadmills. So, so much. Mostly because I hate running. Mostly because my cardiovascular fitness is terrible. It’s all just a full, slow, wheezy, intermittently nauseous circle. But in theory, the slowness and wheeziness and nausea will get better with practice. (Right?) And then maybe I will hate treadmills less.

Either way, we’re doing it. (Time to find more supportive sports bras…)