should’ve known

The other day, a package from my parents showed up on our doorstep completely unannounced. But sometimes my parents send us care packages out of the blue, so Adam and I were pretty pumped. Usually it’s food or tea.

We opened the cardboard box, brushed away packing peanuts, and discovered this.


Wut. But also, why. But mostly, wut.

We were both very confused.

(It’s also kind of a hilarious box. Between the font and the medical symbol and the generic stock photo white doctors on the sides — should have nabbed a pic of that but didn’t.)

We didn’t open it immediately. Initially, I thought it might have been a mistake. Maybe they meant to order it for themselves but accidentally put in our address in an auto-clicky form-fill thing. Then again, it was sent from the UPS Store, so my stepdad had to go there and tell them to mail it to us.

I decided I would ask my mom about it the next time we spoke on the phone. What is this? And also why?

The answer, it turns out, is such a parent (and I feel like specifically an Asian parent) thing that I really should have anticipated it, but didn’t.

The box was filled with snacks.


Asian snacks! Hooray!

My mom didn’t know which box my stepdad used, and when I sent her a pic of it, we ended up laughing hysterically about it on the phone.

I should ask my brother what his box looked like.