flashfictober 06: swing

He brewed a honeysuckle mead that tasted like sunshine and green grass and languid afternoons. He made an apple cider that made you think of bonfire smoke and falling leaves.

When the weather changes to fall, I start thinking about all the foods I’ve been missing all summer. Plus I was hungry when I wrote it, so the flash piece this morning was very, very food-centric.

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flashfictober 04: enchanted

Back from Nashville! Our little trip was excellent. Food, drinks, Clank! for all. Upon our return, it felt gloriously like fall, so I am ecstatic.

Also, look at this ice cube. Isn’t is COOL? (Pun not intended, but I’m leaving it in there.) It’s made with chlorophyll somehow. I’m loving cocktails with herbs right now.


Cocktails these days are so IMPRESSIVE.

This is the rosemary contrary from AVO. If you go to this restaurant, get the kimchi spring rolls if they still have them. I don’t know what all was in it, but it was one of the most delicious things. (The website says “kimchi cashew blend,” and I don’t know exactly what that means, but I also don’t care because it was TASTY.) The sauce that came with it was great too. Actually, all the sauces at that restaurant were lovely.


This is where my numbering diverges from the Inktober numbering since I skipped Inktober #4-6. So, this is a snippet from my fourth flashfictober piece, but with the 7th Inktober prompt. Is that more, less, or the same amount of confusing as I think it is? (How confusing is that question?)

Here’s your snippet:

Viv cleared her throat and neatly sidestepped the withering glance tossed her way.

Possibly I should try to post snippets that give you more of an idea of plot, but eh.

How’s your October going?

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flashfictober 03: bait

Today is the first day it doesn’t just straight-up feel like summer. THANK GOODNESS. Can we please fast forward to jacket weather?

Here’s your snippet from today. This story got real dark, real quick. Not sure why my brain goes there for short stories in particular. :shrug:

Serge spoke the language of flowers, and he was beset by their ceaseless chatter each of his days at the perfumerie.

I’ll be out of town this weekend, so no flashfic for the next few days. It’s three of my six skips this month. Happy weekending!

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flashfictober 01: ring

Did I absolutely forget to post a snippet yesterday? Yes. Because if I don’t write things down or do them immediately, it’s as if they never existed.

Anyway. Here’s my bit from yesterday’s piece:

Unsel wore the iron ring on the smallest finger of her left hand. It was a reminder of the promise she had yet to keep.

Not all of the subsequent snippets I post will have the word right in there, but. There you go.

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If you are feeling lukewarm about the official Inktober prompt list, @JanelleCShane used a neural net to come up with different prompts. I’ve seen some people post Inktober drawings based on them (tiny cod Flames rise), and they are hilarious.