flashfictober 04: enchanted

Back from Nashville! Our little trip was excellent. Food, drinks, Clank! for all. Upon our return, it felt gloriously like fall, so I am ecstatic.

Also, look at this ice cube. Isn’t is COOL? (Pun not intended, but I’m leaving it in there.) It’s made with chlorophyll somehow. I’m loving cocktails with herbs right now.


Cocktails these days are so IMPRESSIVE.

This is the rosemary contrary from AVO. If you go to this restaurant, get the kimchi spring rolls if they still have them. I don’t know what all was in it, but it was one of the most delicious things. (The website says “kimchi cashew blend,” and I don’t know exactly what that means, but I also don’t care because it was TASTY.) The sauce that came with it was great too. Actually, all the sauces at that restaurant were lovely.


This is where my numbering diverges from the Inktober numbering since I skipped Inktober #4-6. So, this is a snippet from my fourth flashfictober piece, but with the 7th Inktober prompt. Is that more, less, or the same amount of confusing as I think it is? (How confusing is that question?)

Here’s your snippet:

Viv cleared her throat and neatly sidestepped the withering glance tossed her way.

Possibly I should try to post snippets that give you more of an idea of plot, but eh.

How’s your October going?

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clementine’s creamery

​Oh, Clementine’s. What can I say about you that hasn’t already been said?

I remember when I first tried Clementine’s ice cream. I came in December of 2015, a little over 6 months after the original Lafayette Square shop opened. The hubs and I were living in Dallas, and we had come to visit some family. Already, there was decent buzz about the ice creamery and what it was trying to do – small-batch ice cream with as many locally sourced ingredients as possible (eg stout from 4 Hands, cookies from Whisk, fruit from farmer’s markets), arranged and mixed into interesting flavors, some completely originally and some a twist on old classics. And further, half of the flavors were “naughty,” meaning that they were based off of cocktails and contained alcohol. It’s a fun and playful theme that lends itself to some interesting taste combinations.


black cherry ash and pistachio

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union loafers

​It has been almost a month or so since I’ve seen anyone from my previous life. So when it came time to get together with a friend from that era, I knew that I had to make a pitch for Union Loafers.

Union Loafers is a great little bread bakery in Tower Grove. It’s across the street from La Patisserie Chouquette and across the other street from Olio. That is, it’s sits on the corner of Tower Grove and McRee. The vaguely Victorian, almost dreamsicle orange exterior belies the gorgeous clean design of the inside. As is the current style, an aesthetic that I am particularly fond of, there is subway tile (with black grout, a detail I love), pipe shelving, exposed brick, and clean wood all over the place.

We showed up at the beginnings of lunch service (opens at 11a), and good thing too. In very short order, the place was filled to the brim and there was a standing wait line near the counter. When full, the place is raucous and cheerful, but tends towards the very loud side (a consequence of the exposed everything aesthetic), making it a little bit of a challenge to hear your server or your dining partner seated across from you. But hey, there’s always a price to pay for delicious food.


I like a menu that gets to the point.

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