podcast: ologies

I’ve gotten really into the podcast Ologies by Alie Ward. In each episode, she interviews a different -ologist, and you get to hear about interesting fields of study. My favorite episodes so far have been Egyptology, teuthology (squids), lepidopterology (butterflies), and selachimorphology (sharks).

In each episode, she asks her guest what their least favorite part of their job is. An inordinate number of people respond “email.” Including people who have been held up at gunpoint. Or have had to deal with hideous rotting material. I think this confluence of opinion is hilarious. If only we knew what it might be indicative of…


inktober 2017

This is the first year I’ve even heard of Inktober, which is like the NaNoWriMo of October – one ink drawing every day for an entire month. 31 days, 31 drawings. I’ve dabbled in art (used to draw and doodle over everything in school), but like many other creative pursuits, it fell by the wayside over the years. So as part of my re-focusing, I decided to take up the challenge of Inktober (even though I had major resistance to the idea). And you know what? It was fun! I did a lot of scribbly drawings, and though not all of them are masterpieces, I managed to actually make a thing every single day. Some of which I even like. Go figure.

So for the curious, gallery below the cut.

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evolution of trust

I just found this game, and I’m kind of obsessing over it now. It’s very well done and thought-provoking. An overview of game theory and then its application to how we relate to each other in a world that is highly connected but plagued with communication issues.

Edited: an apostrophe got away from me.