cat palace


Got Nukat an over-the-top cat palace and finally put it together today. It is massive and heavy and much taller than I anticipated… How much do you want to bet that she ignores it completely and plays in the box?

cat cave

Now that the weather has gotten cold, Nukat’s favorite spot is in between Adam’s back and his sweatshirt, in the dip of his office chair. She kept trying to close the sweatshirt door as I was attempting to take this picture.


jungle cat


A said that we should move her bed because she probably didn’t like the fact that it was next to a potted plant that we were lax in trimming. Now there is clear evidence that she’s totally fine being a jungle cat.

This was the least disgruntled pic of her that I got because she did not appreciate my sneaking up on her during her sunbeam time. I had to give lots of pets to be forgiven.